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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . . the unveiling of  the Civilians Read champion.

Listen to the final podcast [Running Time 20:22]:

If you’d like to bring the Civilians with you everywhere you go (and who wouldn’t?) all the episodes are now available for download at Audio Archive.

Today’s video confessional is a little bit less of a mash-up (and don’t worry folks, Nic has all his clothes on this time) and we let the panelists  get in their final two cents:

And our last series of behind-the-scenes photos, which prove that despite the lovey-dovey opening photo series, we don’t always play nice:

. . .

A big thank you goes out to the panelists, who were as prepared, animated, and eloquent as I hoped they would be, and more. And as a final recognition for their hard work, gentle listeners, please help me give out an MVP Award to one of our panelists. Vote for whichever panelists you think was too good for this ramshackle operation and should be going straight to the hallowed halls of the CBC:

Next week, I’ll be taking on my regular coverage of the Canada Reads competition, with daily posts right after the 11:30 broadcast finishes. Finally, after a lengthy stint as a (mostly) neutral host, I’ll be able to let my opinions fly. As a warning, if you plan to listen to the evening podcast, do not come here until then, because otherwise this will be spoiler central. Our panelists may even weigh in on the conversation here or on twitter, and we’d love to keep up the fantastic discussions we’ve started here.

The week following Canada Reads, come on back to the KIRBC — we’ll have some discussions with our panelists as the weigh in on their experiences, compare Civilians Read with Canada Reads, and tell us whether or not they ever want to hear the words “Canada Reads” ever again.

And the week following that and following that? Well . . . just come back forever.

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We’re closing in on the end of our Civilians Read competition and another book gets the axe today. In today’s podcast we talk books in schools, great characters, Ann-Marie MacDonald’s particular brand of emotional abuse, and how Nic’s never been a sister. Oh, and we forget to plug in the mic post-confessional — but hey, we warned you this would be rough and tumble.

Listen in! [Running Time 24:06]

After another elimination, more debate, and certainly more wine, another confessional:

And here’s another chance to scour (some of) my bookshelves, plus Nic’s thousand words on Good to a Fault:

Thanks again for tuning in, and don’t miss our thrilling conclusion tomorrow! It’s pretty exciting stuff. You might even pee a little.

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We’ve reached Day 3 of our Civilians Read competition and it’s elimination time. Yes, my friends, by a vote of 3-2, one of our books has been evicted from the Big Brother House, must go back to the top model home, pack her belongings and go home because the tribe has spoken (or something like that).

So today we’re going to switch things up and have the podcast first, followed by the video confessional. If you watch the confessional first, it’ll be a bit of a spoiler (though episode 3 does of course start with the reveal of the previous day’s vote).Today we talked about “Canadian-ness,” why we read, and give the panelists to call out the book that they had more fun throwing across the room than reading.

And today’s video confessional (Again, SPOILER ALERT!):

And some more exclusive behind-the-scenes action!

Slideshow photos by Nic Boshart & Sarah Labrie, Top group photo series by Geoff Thomlinson

We’re past the halfway mark and another book is going home, so tune in again tomorrow. And feel free to join the debates here by leaving a comment or on twitter with the hashtag #CiviliansRead.

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Last time on  Civilians Read [Best to imagine Natalie saying that in her superb radio voice]. . . Our panelists each received 1 minute to convince us of the glory of their book, and also got a chance to trash other people’s. The day ended with a discussion of beginnings and all the books still a part of the competition. But today no one gets a free pass. Before we get on today’s debate and elimination vote, the second confessional, recorded after Day 1.

And now onto the competition itself. Today we’ll discuss  powerful prose, riveting reads, and final impressions [Running time: 27:03].

And for visual aid, a few more shots from KIRBC studios:

Slideshow photos by Nic Boshart, Opening group photos by Geoff Thomlinson.

Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to listen to tomorrow’s podcast to see which book didn’t survive the first cut!

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And so the long-awaited day arrives! Welcome to Civilians Read 2010. Our five intrepid panelists have completed their first day of competition and there’s been no blood yet (though no books eliminated either). Before you give the podcast a listen, have a look at our pre-game segment direct from the KIRBC confessional (also known as the bathroom — the only room with a door).

Now on to the main event!  (My apologies in advance for the GarageBand intro, your humble amateur producer lacks the time to troll creative commons music offerings) Give day 1 a listen (Running time 29:32):

In case you wanted to have a peek inside KIRBC studios, a few Day 1 photos:

Thus, we leave day 1 behind us. Thoughts so far on our panelists’ arguments? Or perhaps you care to hazard a guess as to which book is going home first? Join the conversation and stay tuned tomorrow.

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Some backstory. @SarahLabrie and I are neighbours. She also has keys to my home. Which means plenty of barging, whether or not I am home. Sometimes things disappear. But with any significant borrowing, in my absence I am often treated to a poem. After arriving home for the Canada Reads event at the TPL last night (more on that later today), I came home to this delight. I love this poem for keepin’ it real with reading variety (one may read Good to a Fault and Harry Potter in tandem). And for fellow contenders, know that Sarah’s already in heavy prep mode and she may just throw down an argument in verse!

‘Twas five days till podcast
and all down th blck
not a creature was stirring
not even Jen Knoch!
So I came through your door
and with narry a sound
And out my keys on the counter
and my bag on the ground
And I went to the bookshelf
and what did I spotter (?)
It was none other
than great Harry Potter!
I took the fourth book
without so much as a word
Because I come to the end
of my time with the third
Oh witches an warlocks
and ghosts of the tower
I’ll plow through these books
at 80 pages an hour!
But for now I’m done
with those we exalt
and must get to work
I’ll study the building
of emotional tension
And the themes of Can Lit
will warrant a mention
Against Nic and Erin
and Natalie and Ash
If I don’t study hard
I’ll look like an ass!
So it’s onwards and upwards
and next door with me
where I’ll lead my underdog
title to sweet victory!

Ps. I had some juice. Thanks.

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As we count down to our Civilians Read competition, I’ve asked each of our panelists to take the time to read to us from their favorite passage in their chosen book. Yesterday, untapped-audiobook-talent Natalie St. Pierre gave us two powerful readings from Fall on Your Knees. Today Erin Balser has raised the stakes, demonstrating her dedication with our longest reading yet.

. . .

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